| Feb 07, 2023
Hey Rosey Bar and Tapas

Hey Rosey Bar and Tapas

Hey Rosey Orange is a cozy 20-seater wine bar known for its intimate setting, measuring barely 3 meters wide. Despite its small size, it offers an eclectic and international wine selection, with a focus on both established and emerging local producers. The bar’s ambiance aims to be fun and funky, catering to a diverse clientele.

Complementing the drinks is a menu of small plates curated by experienced chef Hugh Piper, formerly of ‘Dear St Eloise.’ Hugh collaborates with local producers to offer a menu that highlights the region’s flavors, alongside a selection of international cheese, cured meats, and tinned seafood options.

Operating from a single long bench, both the bar and the kitchen seamlessly integrate, allowing patrons to enjoy the experience of watching their drinks being poured and their plates being plated right in front of them. Open every day excluding Wednesday.