Meet the Artist | Jun 15, 2019
Lara Scolari

Lara Scolari

Australia’s most exciting emerging contemporary visual artist, Lara Scolari’s gestural paintings have made a serious splash on the International art scene and can now be appreciated by guests at the Byng Street Boutique Hotel.

Influenced by major artistic figures such as Brett Whiteley, Helen Frankenthaler, John Olsen, Hans Hoffman and Mark Rothko, Lara has developed her own distinct approach to the ‘abstract expressionist’ style where a variety of media, developed experimental techniques
and processes are used to create depth through exquisite transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas.

Featuring organic forms and fluid shapes her stunning works are inspired by memory, meditation, music and the culture and essence of Australia.

The artwork featured in the Byng Street Boutique Hotel foyer is titled Tarewar.

“Terrior is the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a crop’s specific growth habitat,” explains Lara. “This painting represents those elements that make Orange such a rich agricultural community.”

Each of her eye-catching paintings feature a beautiful translucent veiled colour palette that reflects the natural landscape.

Lara’s coveted artworks explore multilayered organic forms, lines, shapes and composition that create an enlivening space for contemplation and a resting place for thoughts.

Her use of tonal combinations with rich and luscious colours has been a particular hit with some of Australia’s leading interior designers including the multi-award-winning Greg Natale who has purchased Lara’s exquisite pieces for many of his A-list clients.

Lara was recently featured in the Australian television network SBS documentary Why Diversifying Is the Key to Lara Scolari’s Artistic Success as well as Real Estate Lifestyle – In my Place with Abstract Expressionist – Lara Scolari together with many other print and online media networks showcasing her exciting work and her incredible journey thus far.

From the USA, across to Europe, Asia and Australia, Lara’s work is represented in public and private collections throughout the world and the Byng Street Boutique Hotel is thrilled to have her work welcome guests as they enter the building.