Meet the Team | Apr 01, 2019
Louise Spicer, Interiors

Louise Spicer, Interiors

Playful was the word that enticed interior designer Louise Spicer from onefour interiors to the Byng Street Boutique Hotel project.

Approached by the Nock family in the infancy of the development planning, Louise was an obvious choice to create a welcoming interior to a building offering contemporary luxury with a nod to tradition and a respect for the original building’s hand made beginnings.

“Louise is local, she has an impressive portfolio of work and we liked her immediately as a person,” Byng Street Boutique Hotel’s Elizabeth Nock said.

The brief for the hotel surprised even the younger generation of Nocks when Elizabeth and David stated they wanted a playful hotel that was bespoke and high end, considered but not taking itself too seriously.

“Liz and the team have been amazing to work with,” Louise said. “After our first meeting, David and Liz expressed that they wanted to create a unique, hi end hotel that would be sympathetic to the original Yallungah home whilst adding a contemporary new build with architectural interest.
Liz and David are well travelled and were excited at the opportunity to take on such a unique project- and to be able to provide their own stamp of design aesthetic to country nsw’

“The interiors are contemporary and considered, with colour blocking for interest and layered hi end finishes and furniture selections. With our clients we wanted to create our own take on a contemporary Australian boutique hotel. Colour and pattern play a key theme throughout the hotel to create its own identity and help create a cohesive connection from old home through to the new hotel.

The story of the original building is considered throughout the space.

“A big element for us was handmade,” Louise said. “William Lamrock was a builder and would use materials that were left over from other projects to construct his family home at 62 Byng Street. The Nocks see themselves as the new custodians of the space and want to pay homage to the past and for things to feel hand made. We have been conscious and lucky enough to engage local artists to create our own modern day bespoke feeling within the hotel’

Originally from Orange, Louise studied in Sydney and spent 15 years working with some of the worlds leading high-end design and architecture firms in Sydney and London. She then returned to Orange to establish her business before moving to Sydney where she now works from Annandale office and resides with her husband.

“I come up to see clients in Orange on a regular bases working out of our Orange Studio and its great to still be part of the community. I love the country lifestyle and the relaxed nature of our clients in the country. Creatively it’s great to be able to get the best of both worlds’

Specialising in high-end interior design for residential and commercial clients, the onefour interiors aesthetic is beautiful, edgy and impressively stylish and this comes across in Louise’s choices of colour and materials in the Byng Street Boutique Hotel.

“We didn’t think there was any point in not being courageous,” Tom Nock says. “This is a bold building with a strong personality and we want our guests to know they’re part of something truly unique.”